Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unique Facts About Dolphins

At this time talking about smart animals that live in water. Dolphin that's his name, this animal was included as smart animals and classified as mammals. This animal is known as a dolphin or England  language is Dolphin. These dolphins also have a sensitive sense of human. Immediately unique facts about dolphins: 
  1. The dolphin is a mammal, other than that the dolphin group of mammals called cetaceans. 
  2. Food dolphins in the sea water is small fish, cum-squid, and shrimp in use as food. 
  3. Dolphins breathe with an existing hole near the head or called the blowhole. And when in the sea then the hole covered and protected by strong muscles. 
  4. In the dolphin swim speeds reaching 30 miles per hour or miles per hour sekitar18. 
  5. The reason the dolphins leap into the air to see the circumstances surrounding, and these dolphins breathe with lungs.

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