Thursday, September 4, 2014

Food From Medan

Culinary of Northern Sumatra is the main attraction for foodies. Wealth of traditional foods taste this field make some unique culinary field is different from other culinary. For those of you who want to know the typical food of North Sumatra, Medan following a diet typical of the city of Medan. 

Bika Ambon 

Bika Ambon is food that comes from the field, although there does not mean the name of Ambon Ambon. Food has become a lot of people choice to be made as souvenirs while visiting the city of Medan. 

Bolu Meranti 

Bolu Meranti has become the second-by that many hunted by the tourists who visit Medan. Food is indeed similar to that in the sponge Typical Surabaya love jam, but this food variants possessed a variety of flavors. 


Lemang is a typical food is the next field. The food is made from rice that is sticky rice in kemuadian fuel in put in bamboo. Lemang has been known since the first in 1970 and many made ​​as a by-by.

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