Sunday, August 24, 2014

Words Mutiara in Our Life

Every human being who ever felt a sense of hopelessness, sadness, and a variety of other flavours. Now for the encouragement needed motivation in their life order to back up and live a life for the better. For it this time talking about life Aphorisms that may help you re-excited when it crashed. 
  1. The success is the ability to pass and tackle from one failure to the next without losing enthusiasm. 
  2. Sometimes a smile is invisible tears and tears are the last strength that we have. 
  3. Failure is the opportunity to begin again much better. 
  4. The more angry then getting lost his senses. 
  5. Sprinkling salt on the wound is dry and sore but making a recovery. 
  6. How to get started is to quit talking and begin to do so. 
  7. Save advance your pain and tell them when you are successful. 
  8. Keep trust !! of every business there will be no wasted all of it will be beautiful in its time.

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