Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Facts Which Have Bees In Honey

Honey bees are insects that can produce and store honey in srang with having so many colonies. In a colony that exist in honey bees comprising approximately 20000-60000 honey bees are also included from the queen bee.
Did you know that honey bees has some unique facts which have, for the following is interesting information about honey bees:
  1. Honeybees have a lifespan of about 6-8 weeks, and all worker bees are female bees.
  2. Worker bees in a bee colony is done by females.
  3. Male honey bee sting does not have, they do not participate in the work in the colonies, but they were just married.
  4. Age of queen bees can reach 2-3 years and spend time just to mate and lay eggs.
  5. In spawn queen bee can lay 2,500 eggs each day.

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