Monday, August 4, 2014

How to cope with foot odor

Foot odor is often made ​​us ashamed because very unwell and nose piercing. People with foot odor is also often labeled as a person with a low level of hygiene or lack of hygiene. Do not get us labeled as people who lack hygiene simply because of foot odor

The following are some tips on how to effectively eliminate foot odor

1. soak with warm water that has been spiked with salt Salt can inhibit bacterial growth even in certain concentrations can kill some types of bacteria.

2 Vinegar Solution of water and vinegar can create a less comfortable environment for the bacteria that cause foot odor. Despite having a strong acidic smell.

3 Clean shoes Germs are left in kauskaki and shoes can cause foot odor even though the foot has cleared. Diligent diligent cleaning shoes and socks to prevent foot odor

4 Cut nails on a regular basis Sometimes there is dirt on the sidelines during the nail becoming a nest of germs that cause foot odor. By cutting the nails regularly can reduce foot odor.

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